From early in 2014 some young people from Weymouth Baptist Church spent five days together serving the community, so   each day we focused on a different aspect of mission like, service, encouragement, and invitation.   One day we participated in a ministry called Healing on the Streets.  We offered to pray with people in the town center who felt they needed healing.  This was very challenging, as it was a new experience far outside the teens comfort zone.  On another day, we created huge painted cardboard cars and performed some dramas on the street.  Then we walked around town handing out cards with encouraging bible verses. Lots of people wanted to ask questions and talk to us about the cards. On another day, we visited a nursing home and talked to the elderly people living there, and helped decorate their lounge for Easter.  On the last day, we offered to wash people's cars. The people were so surprised and pleased to have their car washed and they couldn't believe it was for free!  The teens were really impacted by how such a simple act made people so happy.  They told Joe Hobday, the Youth leader that they wanted to do more activities like this on regular basis.  From this has sprung our "community kindness"  where once a month, teens from the church are invited to participate in an activity to benefit their town.  At the end of the week, on Sunday, one of the young people was baptized.  It was just amazing to see the young people participate with enthusiasm and to see God working in each of their lives. 

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