Refresh is simply the Church of Weymouth and Portland in Action.

We are an organisation with a passion for God to be in Weymouth and Portland and we come united as the church to see God's glory in our towns.

FOOD BANKS are expanding all over the UK and Weymouth and Portland are no exception 

the Weymouth Foodbank has been running successfully at Weymouth Baptist Church for a number of years under the leadership of Bob and Lily Mockett. 

Other churches are involved in this in a number of ways, and the Salvation Army has its own food distribution system too.


Churches Together on Portland - Foodbank Report July 2017

The Portland FoodBank has now been operating every Tuesday and Friday between 09.30 and 11.30 am since we started on Friday 29th November 2013.  We have a team of very happy and committed volunteers who collect, sort and bag up non-perishable food for those who come in need of food and a little help.  In 2016 we gave away 9864 meals, feeding over 1000 people.  This is an amazing achievement and we give thanks to God who has enabled us to make this happen.  We are thrilled that as well as providing an opportunity to work with and get to know other believers on the Island, it has also proved a successful outreach project, and we have a number of people working with us who are on a journey of discovering God’s love and are coming ever closer toward a real relationship with Him.  

We love that we also have a great relationship with local professional bodies including Outlooks, Doctors surgeries, the Social Services, IPACA and other Schools, Community Mental Health teams, the Portland Centre, and HMP/YOI Portland.  In July 2017 we started once again giving away fresh food donated by a generous allotment holder.

As well as building credibility and trust within the professional community of Portland, prayers of blessing are offered to almost every client who comes to us for help.  Most gratefully accept the blessings and many feel and have practically demonstrated, God’s love for them, especially in their time of need.  We are so grateful for our regular and occasional donors and the Church on the Island is a primary contributor and mainstay of our work.  

Many thanks to all members of CToP who have helped or contributed in any way – sorry but too numerous to mention.  We will always need a constant flow of new volunteers but we have a very amazing and happy team right now.  If you know of anyone who may like to be involved, please let us know at the Parish Office on 01305 824381


Dave Farmer, Foodbank Manager

Rev. Tim Gomm, Foodbank Chair


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