Refresh is simply the Church of Weymouth and Portland in Action.

We are an organisation with a passion for God to be in Weymouth and Portland and we come united as the church to see God's glory in our towns.

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In our society borrowing has become a necessity for most of us, which works while our income can cover rent or mortgage and other bills, but a family crisis, redundancy, ill health etc may quickly cause us to go into debt that becomes too difficult to manage on our own.   This is where our CAP Debt counselling can help.    

CAP is a national charity working across the UK to lift people out of debt and poverty, offering free debt counselling. Our Weymouth and Portland based Debt coaches will visit and help you sort out your bills, and with expert help (registered with the FSA) help you set a budget that is sustainable so that you can become debt free.  

See capuk.org for further information  Nationally, through local centres, based in churches CAP helps 20,000 people find their way out of the black hole of debt.

This service is open to everyone, and you do not have to be a Christian or have any faith in order to access the service and get the help you need. 

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