Work & Money

By Mark J P License
Most of us have a time in our lives when there seems to be more month left than there is money! We have a number of project to help when this happens.   

In our society borrowing has become a necessity for most of us, which works while our income can cover rent or mortgage and other bills, but a family crisis, redundancy, ill health etc may quickly cause us to go into debt that becomes too difficult to manage on our own.   This is where our CAP Debt counselling can help.    

CAP is a national charity working across the UK to lift people out of debt and poverty, offering free debt counselling.     Our Weymouth and Portland based Debt coaches will visit and help you sort out your bills, and with expert help (registered with the FSA) help you set a budget that is sustainable so that you can become debt free.  

See for further information  Nationally, through local centres, based in churches CAP helps 20,000 people find their way out of the black hole of debt.

This service is open to everyone, and you do not have to be a Christian or have any faith in order to access the service and get the help you need. 

First Dorset is a co-operative savings and loans organisation for rural Dorset. It is a community based organisation, staffed by local volunteers. First Dorset provide our members with a safe and ethical place to save and with affordable loans.

Run by local people, for local people.

CAP Money is a really helpful, free course; a money management course that provides you with tools
that really work to help you manage your money.  It runs one session a week over 4 weeks, and your circumstances are completely private, as you work on your own or with your partner on preparing your own budget, finding what is realistic for you to make the best of what income you have  
to book or find out more please ring Colin 01305 774198

FOOD BANKS are expanding all over the UK and Weymouth and Portland are no exception 

the Weymouth Foodbank has been running successfully at Weymouth Baptist Church for a number of years under the leadership of Bob and Lily Mockett. 

Due to high transport costs and in recognition of the needs in Portland the Portland Foodbank opened at St john's Portland in November 2013 and has, in less than a year, given out over 6000 meals!

Other churches are involved in this in a number of ways, and the Salvation Army has its own food distribution system too.


The following is a report about the Churches together on Portland Foodbank:


CTOP Foodbank Report 08.10.14

The Portland FoodBank has now been operating every Tuesday and Friday between 09.30 and 11.30 am since we started on Friday 29th November 2013.  We have a team of very happy and committed volunteers who collect, sort and bag up non-perishable food for those who come in need of food and a little help.  Since opening, we have fed 706 people, provided 6192 meals as a result of 309 vouchers being presented.  This is an amazing achievement and we give thanks to God who has enabled us to make this happen.  We are thrilled that as well as providing an opportunity to work with and get to know other believers on the Island, it has also proved a successful outreach project, and we have a number of people working with us who are on a journey of discovering God’s love and are coming ever closer toward a real relationship with Him.  

We love that we also have a great relationship with local professional bodies including Outlooks, Doctors surgeries, the Social Services, IPACA and other Schools, Community Mental Health teams, the Portland Centre, and more recently HMP/YOI Portland, who have started donating freshly grown vegetables to give to our clients, weekly.   

We are really pleased that we now have a CAP desk at the Foodbank once a month and we are exploring the option of having Benefit advice available once per month on a Friday as well.  Working in partnership with the Portland Centre is also working extremely well, as we pass clients on for further longer term help.

As well as building credibility and trust within the professional community of Portland, prayers of blessing are offered to almost every client who comes to us for help.  Most gratefully accept the blessings and many feel and have practically demonstrated, God’s love for them, especially in their time of need.  We are so grateful for our regular and occasional donors and the Church on the Island is a primary contributor and mainstay of our work.  

The Core team have now decided to voluntarily contribute £60 per month to the Parish of Portland for the use of the hall and storage facilities but only providing we do not drop below our minimum threshold of a balance of £500.  

A Christmas/anniversary lunch is being planned at St John’s Hall, in order to thank our volunteers and regular contributors, pencilled in for Tuesday 2nd December but this will be finalised and more details will be distributed later.


Many thanks to all members of CToP who have helped or contributed in any way – sorry but too numerous to mention.  We will always need a constant flow of new volunteers but we have a very amazing and happy team right now.  If you know of anyone who may like to be involved, please let us know at the Parish Office and speak to Lindsay Booton on 01305 824381 


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