Out and about

The Churches of Weymouth and Portland are regularly out and about in lots of ways - Street Pastors are around the town every Friday and Saturday night, there are Soup runs and Food banks, Healing on the Streets, and much more - see the links here and under other categories on the website.

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Weekdays 9:30 - 4pmSt Paul's, Abbotsbury Road

SPOT, the St Paul’s Outreach Charity Shop, is open every week day.

Street Pastors have been working within the night time economy of Weymouth since 2008, teams drawn from 17 local churches offer reassurance, safety and support through listening, caring and helping.

The teams operate on Friday and Saturday nights from 10pm to 4am, and are now a familiar sight in their blue uniforms. Amongst their kit of supplies they carry bottles of water, flip flops ( for those whose high heels are just too much), and also have an endless number of lollies!

The team are there to be a listening ear if it is needed as well as sorting out very practical issues in the night and help to make Weymouth “a great place to be”. The street and prayer teams are showing God’s love in a variety of practical ways.

More details are available from Ken Crafer the coordinator

Website: weymouth.streetpastors.org

Twitter: @StreetPastorWey


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